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Last Update: March 21st, 2021


ADMIN NOTE: August 7th, 2018


A long hiatus on this project... its been more then a decade since I put any serious work into it.  Primarily due to a lot of life changes.  

As of August 7th, 2018; I have started reading through it again and making various changes as I so oft at times find myself doing when reading it.

I do not know if I will ever finish the story, but perhaps someday I will. 




























Welcome to the World of my Imagination, which has been locked away, and kept secret for the last 15 years... No one, not one single member of my own family, or any of my friends, have been able to read any part of this story, until now.


Except for what you'll find accessible through the "Home Menu" at the top of this page, everything can be found in the Side Bar to the right.


So as you explore this Site, and read the Story, and find that you like it, then please pass it along to anyone else you know, who you think might like it as well.


Feel free to explore, read... and Contact Me to comment on anything you like!





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About this Site


First things first.


This is a project that I work on, in my spare time...


Therefore, this Site is basically in a constant, "In The Works" phase, always Under Construction because I am always tweaking something in the source coding. There are still many aspects of the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) Scripting behind this Site, that I have yet to figure out. I'v managed to figure enough out though, that I have managed to alter the script enough to make the Site, basically look the way I want it to look. There are still a few little annoyances, such as the fact that the Links don't seem to be behaving the way they're supposed to... but for now, they work.


Also, sometimes I may type a quick update somewhere and, sometimes, I may miss a spelling error or two... so if you come across any of these, then Contact Me and I'll fix it as soon as I can!


Secondly; a big thanks to the guys at PBWiki, David Weekly and Nathan Schmidt, for devising this wonderfully creative service, and keeping it as easy and User Friendly as it is, and the great Support they provide on their Forums.


If any one out there wants their own Wiki to play with, for Free... then you have to go check out what they have to offer at PBWiki! The Free PBWiki's are great fun to play with, and they also have some really great, cool extra features for Premium Memberships.


Lastly; some sections or pages of this Site may be Locked, or Hidden away... not available for public viewing. This is because it is my opinion that the content on these pages can be deemed a spoiler to the story itself.


I may make various sections available as things progress though, so keep checking back and of course visit the Forums in the Contact page avalable on the Side Bar, if you want to chat about anything specific related to the story!



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The Story, What is it?


What is the Harvester Saga?


The Harvester Saga is a vast, and very complex story that I have been working on for the last 15 years that has constantly evolved over the years into something far greater then I ever anticipated it would become.


Basically, my Life's Work.


The Story is the World of my Imagination. As such, I have had to create entire Worlds; literally, an entire Universe set in a futuristic Science Fiction environment... to contain it all.


So far, the plan is for a total of 6 Books to tell the entire story.


At the moment, Book 4 is in the works.


Why start with Book 4?


Frankly... because Book 4 used to be Book 1, and the original plan was for there to be only 3 books.


Until I realized one day that I had an extensive Back Story that led up to, and directly effected the events being portrayed in the story I was trying to write.


So then Book 1 suddenly became Book 4 as I started making plans to turn the immediate Back Story into a Prequel Trilogy.


Yeah ok I know, it sounds a bit like George Lucas and how he did Star Wars right?


I have no other excuse to give for this other then the fact that... this is just how it has turned out.


The current Book 4 is also the point in the Story when certain questions asked earlier on in the story, are answered. Something happened in the past, it remains a mystery, and what is happening now is attempting to solve that mystery...


So Book 4 starts the tale in which the mystery is answered, while Book 1 starts the tale for the immediate Back Story, which tells how that mystery, became a mystery.


So for now I am starting with Book 4.


So, enjoy it, and feel free to Contact Me to comment on anything.



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Harvester Encyclopedia




The Harvester Encyclopedia is essentially the backbone of this Site, which was originally created, and designed to be used as an Encyclopedia for myself, to help myself with keeping track of all the various details within the Story, as the Story progresses.


For now, much of the Encyclopedia remains Locked from Public Viewing, for the sake of avoiding any spoiler information, but there are some sections of it which are available and in time, as new Chapters to the story are added, other hidden sections of the Encyclopedia may also be unlocked, as discussed further a few paragraphs down.


Over the years, as the Story itself evolved and expanded, I had to type up countless Documents, Notes, and Appendixes... just to keep track of the various little details of the entire Story.


Unfortunately, about 3 years ago, as of this typing... the Disk upon which the majority was being stored, suffered a severe crash and all its data was lost. I managed to rebuild what I lost from previous backups and, just recently was able to recover some of the lost data on the original disk.. some of this data included many of the lost documents which I used as Notes and Appendixes to keep track of various details... but most still remain lost.


So now this Wiki Site is going to be used as a platform; for keeping track of everything related to the Harvester Saga.


For now, some of the imformation within the Encyclopedia may just be a jumbled gathering of my thoughts, or it may have excerpts from the actual chapters... to explain the details behind the backstory. Whatever it is, its all going into the Encyclopedia, to help me keep the story on track, and help me finish writing it.


Anything that is added to the Encyclopedia that may be deemed a Spoiler to parts of the actual "Core Story" which have not yet been told, will be secured from public viewing and only accessible to myself... if the time ever comes when I decide that some of these secured Pages can be available for public viewing, then they will be unlocked.


For the most part, most of what will be in the Encyclopedia, will be related to the Back Story... the parts of the story that relate to its history and explain how things came to be the way they are, as of the present Telling that I am currently working on. I can not write a vast and complex Story set in a distant future, until I understand that futures past, because such a story would ask a lot of questions that I would have to know the answers too.


For example; how do the Engineering Systems on the Space Ships work, and what is the Science behind them? What is the Governmental Structure of the various Societies in the Story? Why are there different types of Space ships, and what is the purpose of these various types?


There is little room in the Story itself to explain such details, because because at present many of the chapters move too quickly to give any attention to such details... so those details go here, so I know, what I am writing about.. and have the information to use in a future chapter someday.





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